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Since 1967, its beginnings as Romeo Turismo, under the file 1000 and clearly emissive, its director, Fernando Romeo, one of the first graduates in tourism from the University of Mar del Plata.

After so many years, in 2002 it became Flamenco Tour, under file 9585, we already had experience in tourist services, so it was decided to transform it into an SRL, under the signature DIAGUES SRL and… This was the necessary impulse and the strength to achieve a receptive tourism company providing services in the City of Puerto Madryn mainly.

We continue to make progress in our region and achieve a greater position within the sector, carrying out a commercial trajectory marked by seriousness, honesty and the fulfillment of our obligations with the excellence that characterizes us.

We have already completed several decades and we continue to reinvent ourselves, putting passion, love and effort into our work, imposing an innovative, bold and strong profile in our sector, for several years we chaired the AAVYTPV and we are part of the CCGLAR directory, supporting the tourism of our region and our entire province.

Today we reinvent ourselves again, we create new products, we update ourselves and everything in favor of our customers.

Live with us... nature and adventure...

how we work

✔ With the design of each excursion so that it contains the essence and magic of each place we visit.

✔ With the selection of each provider and correspondent that guarantees us to grant the same quality throughout the chain of services and a competitive rate level.

✔ With the assembly of both conventional and alternative adventure tourism, rural tourism, gastronomic tourism, cultural tourism, and other options that try to give you the opportunity to visit our area in a different way.

✔ We put at your disposal all the technological means to be able to communicate, emails, skype, twitter, facebook, lindkedlin, Trip advisor, cellular and conventional telephony and emergency telephone numbers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

✔ Orders and queries are handled in a personalized way. Although we have some model programs to propose, we always work according to what the client needs, assembling and quoting according to the type of passenger, their tastes and preferences, and their budget, and contributing all the expertise we have on our region.

✔ We assist our passengers from their arrival, through the support of itineraries, virtual vouchers and virtual brochures and above all with the assistance of our staff, highly trained and prepared to advise and help in everything that is necessary.

✔ We carry out personalized monitoring throughout the itinerary, verifying and controlling flight schedules, excursion programming according to weather conditions, being in contact with the hotels in each case, coordinating everything.

✔ Your seller or advisor will be the one who will receive you when you arrive in our city, so who knows everything about you, will be able to help you with everything you need.

✔ We know that we live and work in a unique area on our planet, of incomparable beauty and great value, that is why we strive so that our passengers take home the best memories of both our attractions and our attention.

✔ We want all of them to return to their city of origin determined to recommend the destination and to thank their Travel Agent.

✔ We have a satisfaction measurement system that allows us to know the opinions of passengers and travel agents, and in this way have information to work on improving and surpassing ourselves every day, and to be able to base decisions on the expectations of our clients.


Flamenco Tour is a company dedicated to the commercialization and provision of tourist services in the national and international markets with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and committed to the constant improvement of its services, always prioritizing responsibility towards the user, punctuality, safety and reliability based on suitable equipment and optimal service levels, from a competent staff governed by principles and values.

In order to comply with these policies, we commit ourselves to

✔ Develop and maintain the Quality management system, ensuring the satisfaction of the requirements of the Iram Sectur Standards

✔ Manage human resources within the framework of a continuous improvement process that allows for greater efficiency in management, developing the necessary skills of the staff and their constant training, ensuring their safety in their work environment.

✔ The contracting of comfortable and safe transport units using for this purpose a solid preventive control system, a constant control of documentation and compliance with regulations and laws.

✔ Assume a practical attitude to prevent the causes that may give rise to non-conformities.

✔ Form strategic alliances with the company's stakeholders.

✔ To have fluid communication and risk prevention to the visitor.

✔ To permanently comply with the commitments assumed and exceed customer expectations.

✔ To provide the necessary resources to guarantee compliance with this policy and the established objectives, communicating it and involving the entire organization.

The company is committed to preserving the environment, promoting good environmental practices, seeking to maintain resources, the conservation of the natural, cultural and human heritage of the route, making visitors aware of the care and protection of the environment and its surroundings.

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