Whale Watching in Yellow Submarine

"The Yellow Submarine is the first semi-submersible ship industry Argentina"

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General Details
avistajes SUBS
The big difference of our service is that we can now watch the whales immersed in their world. Underwater, perspective is completely different, It is comparable to the diving experience with them.

On board, passengers can move freely choosing the deck of the ship or submarine cabin.

The combination of the submarine avistaje with panoramic views from the outside deck will be an unforgettable experience!

Starting point and return: Central boarding in Puerto Pirámides.
Travel: Navigation in the New Gulf, within 10 miles from the starting point, depending on the position of animals.
species observed: Southern Right Whales, hair sea lions, Typical birds of the Patagonian coast and dusky dolphins (depending on time of year).
Duration of the program: 1,5 hs.
Passengers can choose at any time, according to your preferences, remain in the underwater cabin or the exterior cover. In both cases they enjoy sitting comfortably explanations of a whaler guide, while observing animals.

Throughout the tour our guides help interpret the behavior and habits of animals, and answer passenger inquiries.

In order to guarantee the quality of avistaje, Captain sailing day will decide whether or not can be performed depending on weather conditions. Not being able to take place they will be offered to spend your reservation there is availability, opt for the traditional avistaje, or cancel the reservation.

The departure schedule is subject to change depending on weather conditions.

Excursion detail
It was specially designed and built for this purpose by the shipyard Federico Contessi city of Mar del Plata, and then transported overland to Puerto Pirámides.

A bordo del Yellow Submarine, passengers can move freely and watch whales surface from the upper deck as in a traditional output, or the underwater cabin to see whales as if they were diving with them. At this level underwater, passengers have 40 windows underwater observation, each with its own seat.

Season: 1 July to 31 October
Departure: Regulars
Duration: 2 hs approx.
Closing hour: 11:30hs/13:30hs coordinate subject to weather (2 Pre-2dias days after)
Minimum passenger: 3 pax

not included:

  • Transfers to the place of shipment.
  • Enter the reserve:
    See rate schedule: TICKETS RESERVATIONS

This navigation can be performed with only Whales tour only or going to the place of shipment on its own.


  • Dimensions: 17,20 m length – 4,00 m manga – 2,10 m draft.
  • Capacity: 50 passengers (including crew)
  • Visibility upper cover: 360°
  • Visibility underwater cabin: 40 windows (20 on each side)
  • Security: liferafts; Individual lifejackets; VHF Radio; Chartplotter; GPS; sounder; Fire fighting equipment
  • WC: And


  • 1 captain (Professional Biker pattern - whaler guide)
  • 1 sailor (Guide whaling)
  • 1 bilingual guide (Castilian and English)