Snorkeling with Lobos

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General Details
The tour starts at the dive operator. The departure schedule always depends on the time of high tide. We found all the attendant and started the adventure. The first and most important are the outfits and accessories for snorkeling. Each passenger is assigned a team and when we are all ready to go sailing. The navigation lasts approximately 25 minutes. The place where the activity is done is the Punta Loma.

Groups generally do not exceed 6 people out. just arrived, we are ready for water. The water is cool, but with costumes almost do not feel the cold. The boat for approximately 20 meters of where the animals. This whole process is carefully and we have highly trained personnel to accompany passengers. At the same time there are also trained staff in place that takes care that no one exceeds the standards to animals.

Sea lions are curious and restless animals, they always approach groups. The idea is to always remain at a safe distance and let it come naturally to impose conditions they encounter. Gradually they go approaching and generating interaction with us. Les much attention people and like to play. The game is harmless and peaceful. Not to fear them because they seem to like the presence of people in their midst.

The activity in the water takes about 45 minutes and the presence of wolves is almost constant. Sometimes the wolves accompany us to climb the boat. The whole experience is fun and cuter is generated interaction with animals in their natural habitat.

The hair sea lion is a species that is distributed throughout the coast of Peninsula Valdez. males, with his thick mane and his head they reach large measure 2.50 meters and despite 350 kilos. To propel underwater use the front wings and tail as a rudder. Ground moving with the four. In the reproductive stage keep his harem males and females, whose sexual maturation to reach it 4 years, They have offspring after 12 months of gestation and parturition occurs a few days to get to the beach. The hard lactation 11 months.

The only necessary condition for this type of diving is to have basic knowledge of swimming.

With minimum reserve 24 hs. of anticipation.

It includes
– All the team

– Transfer to lobería

– professional instructor

– Small lecture


Duration: 2 Hours

Season: All year.

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Details tour
Season: All year
Departures: adventure
Duration: 2 a 3 hs approx
Closing hour: Negotiable
Arrival schedule:-
Minimum passenger: 2 pax
Maximum passenger:
Travel: 25 navigation minutes to reach the nature reserve Punta Loma. Passengers receive an instruction with the following topics: snorkeling technique, handling and behavior within a protected area.
not included:

  • Stay
  • food
  • Transfers to the city

It includes:

  • All equipment Scuba
  • professional instructor
  • Transfer to the dive site
  • Theoretical classes


  • CD with photographs
  • DVD with photos and videos

Observations: DIVING address Abramar (in the fall 2 of the beach). The current regulation allows us to be one and a quarter in the water, whereby the gambling activity with these animals is a maximum of 45 minutes.

Bring towel and swimsuit.