Punta Tombo for cruise passengers

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Punta tombo cruise passengers.

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General Details

We depart from the Pier in the City of Puerto Madryn heading south taking National Route No. 3 towards the Punta Tombo Natural Reserve, most important penguin colony in the Americas. The penguins arrive every year to this place to nest, aparearse, mutating have their young and then make the journey back to the northeast of South America and cyclically return the following year. Punta Tombo is a rocky strip 3.5 km long by 600 m wide extending seaward. It has beaches that have a gentle slope that leverage the penguins to rebuild and build their nests.
Arriving credit the income to the reserve and will enter the interpretive center where we can see all the fauna and learn what is necessary to enter the reserve and understand the actions of the penguins. At the exit of the interpretation center a minibus will take us to the beginning of the trails where our trek began about 1,5 a 2 km around. Walking the perfectly marked trails, we can surprise watching the feverish activity dominates the colony. According to the time you can watch some penguins digging caves, fighting for territory, moving in search of their nests, mating or feeding their young. While the continuous rumor of braying -vocalización adult penguins used to ward off strangers and attract a mate-dominates the atmosphere. Penguins live with other sea birds have chosen this site for nesting gulls as gray or austral, skuas, two species of cormorants -the actual and black-necked or roquero-, steam duck, Antarctic pigeons, and several species of terns and giant petrels. Given the extent of the area we can also get to observe guanacos, piches, maras, choiques, foxes, cook there martinetas.


Punta Tombo Nature Reserve

  • We start from the pier
  • There is talk of geology and history of the region
  • Visit the Magellanic Penguin Natural Reserve in Punta Tombo. (1 intermediate stop)
  • Interpretation paths on the life of penguins.
  • Return to Puerto Madryn
  • Free time for shopping, stroll through downtown, Internet, etc.
  • Return to the dock to board the cruise
Details tour

Season: Cruise ships
Departures: Regular or private
Duration: Depending on the length of stay in port
Closing hour: within the first 30 minutes of mooring the boat.
Arrival schedule: between 1 Y 2 hours before the departure of the ship
Minimum passenger: 2 people

not included:

  • Enter the reserve:
  • lunch.
  • optional.
  • Personal expenses.

It includes:

  • transfers:
  • Waiting for the passengers on the pier.
  • guides: Spanish / English / Portuguese / French. (Ask for other languages)

NOTE: ask for departures with entrance to the reserve and lunch

Suggested equipment: Comfortable shoes, warm clothing, photographic equipment, sunscreen and hat.