Playa El Doradillo

Natural Protected Area

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General Details

We started touring the downtown area of ​​the city, through the Plaza Gral. San Martin, communal buildings, the church and old buildings and then continue moving north towards Domecq García. We pass the Chalet Pujol, Current Provincial Museum Oceanographic and Natural Sciences, it has nine rooms designed to showcase the flora and fauna of the region, in addition to elements of geology, Welsh history, anthropology and oceanographic material provided by the Argentina Navy. We arrived at the Industrial and fishing park where the plant Aluar Aluminio and Muelle Storni. Then we take the provincial route 42 (ripio) Which brings us to the Doradillo: its shores are ideal for sightings of right whales, and unlike most area beaches, this is a very steep slope allowing cetaceans approach a few meters from the coast. This beach is chosen by the whales due to its calm and warm waters to give birth and suckle their young. Until after the 30 O 40 days of life, the calves do not develop the fat layer that allows them to float. So their mothers carry on the flap near the coast and take the opportunity to rest on the bed of boulder. At the north end, on one end of the cliff, is a booth that allows biologists spotted the arrival of the first units and census the population of whales that arrive each year to Golfo Nuevo.
Duration: Half day Departure Time: According tides (the reservation will be visiting high tide time to have a shorter distance to avistaje, the tide schedule changes from one day to another) Season: June to mid-October

  • north of the city.
  • Plant ALUAR.
  • Fishing Industrial Park.
  • coastal circuit 20 km.
  • El Dorado and Playa Punta Doradillo.
  • Interpretation Center Punta Flecha: information, images.
  • Quarry beach: chosen by the whales to give birth to their young and suckle beach. Because of the slope has, It is ideal for whale watching a few meters from the coast.
Details tour

Season: June to mid-October
Departures: Regulars
Duration: total of 3 hs (Midday)
Closing hour: According tides
Arrival schedule:
Minimum passenger: 3 people
Maximum passenger:
Travel: Playa El Doradillo. whale watching is done at a shorter distance, from the coast, at high tide.
not included:

  • lunch.
  • Personal expenses.

It includes:

  • transfers: It seeks to / passengers where they are staying.
  • guides: Spanish English Portuguese. (Ask for other languages ​​in private service)

Observations: The visit takes place at high tide time to have a whale watching at a shorter distance, the tide schedule changes from one day to another.
recommendations: Outerwear, photography equipment, extra batteries, Comfortable shoes, sunscreen and hat.