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General Details
We started searching accommodation between 7:30 and the 8:00 hs.
When the search passenger, We start north to reach the checkpoint "Performance" which will pay income to the reserve. (see rate chart)

A one 20 km is, We arrive at Carlos Ameghino Isthmus, narrow strip of land that connects the peninsula with the mainland. Here is the "Carlos Ameghino Interpretation Center", which provides information on the ecosystem of the Peninsula. Here, we can see a whale skeleton and different species of animals and history of the first settlers of the Peninsula.
The center has a viewpoint, where we can see both gulfs and Bird Island which is about 5 Km.

We continue the tour to Puerto Pirámides, Peninsula tourist village, its beaches are protected by cliffs (fences) resembling pyramids, hence its name.

In the village we make a stop about 3 hours to embark on the unforgettable experience of sailing the waters of Golfo Nuevo, if we choose this option, or just enjoy the charms of the place.
Navigations are performed on vessels of various capacities, since 5 until 70 passengers, and last approximately between one and two hours.
• From June to December are held on sightings of Southern Right Whales, call this way to be an animal that is characterized by its gentleness, its slowness and curiosity, so they can reach incredible distances approaching, allowing your skin so characteristic observed by being covered calluses. Occasionally they pass under the boat, They emit a sound and hopefully we will offer the wonderful spectacle of spotting a jump or at least, a tail flap. (see Optional Whale Watching)

Between May and November we will take the road south through the Salina Grande and Salina Chica, are the most important depressions in South America. Depending on the time and cloudiness they appear before our eyes with a pink coloration, because of its physicochemical composition and the incidence of sunlight.
Heading toward the southeastern tip of the peninsula We pass near Punta Delgada is a former naval settlement, where the lighthouse dating from is 1905.
We drive along the east coast to the north, We will stop at point Cantor, where we can observe some elephant seals.
After a few kilometers we reach Caleta Valdes, It is an exceptional attractive geological formation of the language of the creek, thin strip of land that encloses a portion connected to the sea through a small mouth with the surrounding sea, its calm waters and beaches of the cove naturally isolated by high and steep cliffs are an excellent area for elephant seals.
From a viewpoint we can see the place and closely observe the elephant seals.
The cove is also home to a small colony of Magellanic penguins.
We will travel on roads we can observe terrestrial fauna, Maras, Guanacos, Foxes and Choiques among others.

in early November the tour will be to the north of the peninsula, having more likely to see orcas in Punta Norte and Caleta Valdes.

Then we return the way back to the city of Puerto Madryn.

They can vary the times and order of the places to go, depending on the season, climate and interests of the group.

Closing hour: between 7:30 Y 8:00 hs.
Duration: 10 hours, approximately.
Season: All year.
Lunch Place: Puerto Pirámide or Caleta Valdes.
Difficulty: Baja.
not included: enter the reserve, lunch and optional.
  1. Since the Performance (enter the reserve).
  2. Istmo Ameghino
  3. Puerto Pyramids (Optional Whale Watching Fauna Marina or according to the time of year).
  4. Salinas Grande and Chica.
  5. Punta Delgada, oldest lighthouse on the Peninsula and colony of elephant seals.
  6. Punta Cantor, post station natural of elefantes marinos.
  7. Parador de Estancia La Elvira (Instead of snack or lunch).
  8. Caleta Valdes, Magellanic penguin colony from October to March.
  9. Internal roads in the reserve copies of terrestrial fauna are seen as guanacos, Choiques, Maras, Grey foxes, zorrinos, etc, and a variety of birds.
Season: All year.
Departures: Regular.
Duration: Full Day (Complete day)
Closing hour: 7:30hs 08:00 hs.
Arrival schedule: 18:00 hs approx.
Minimum passenger: 3 people
Maximum passenger: 18 people
Travel: Traditional circuit Peninsula Valdes
not included:

  • Enter the reserve:
  • Personal expenses.
  • Optional Whale Watching on board (see tour / optional corresponding ... ..)

It includes:

  • transfers:
  • Pick Up to the passengers where they are staying.
  • guides: Spanish English Portuguese. (Ask for other languages ​​in private service)

Suggested: Comfortable shoes, warm clothing, photographic equipment, sunscreen and hat.