Optional Toninas (patagonico dolphin)

Embarked Toninas

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The only place conditions allow the possibility to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and wealth of marine fauna living in the waters of Deception Bay.

This experience starts from our dock at the Port of Rawson walking the last stretch of the Chubut River to its mouth, observing the typical "yellow fleet" ships engaged in fishing for prawns.

The casual approach to a small colony of sea lions of a hair and an approach appropriate to the various seabirds is achieved by including some migratory, on the banks of the river, what differentiates different species, how: ostreros, Real cormorants and biguá, Crested Duck and spoon, gulls coffee cook and capucho. Depending on the time you can observe different species of terns, witches herons, cauquén, rayador, etc
Then we went to the sea to the meeting of these small dolphins that have the characteristic of being sociable, assets and excellent swimmers. They themselves often approach the boat, swimming in the bow and performing jumps out of the water. Avistaje turning in a dynamic and fun ride.

The trip is played all the way by a specialized guide about fauna and birds marina.Duración 1 time.

Navigation is subject to the hydrometeorological conditions of the time, so it is very important to book at least 1 day in advance by mail or telephone to coordinate the schedule departure.

each output, is unique and unrepeatable so we can not anticipate what kind of meeting we: These mammals are in their natural habitat and with absolute freedom.


Presentation 30 me. before departure and placement lifeguard.
-Navigation in order to achieve maximum approximation.
-approach but it never forces the engine stops and is the animal who comes.
-Each encounter is unique and unrepeatable as the animals are in their natural habitat and in total freedom.


Details tour

Season: June to April
Departures: daily
Duration: 2 hs approx.
Closing hour: 9hs/ 14hs
Minimum passenger: 3 pax
Maximum passenger: depending on the vessel.

not included:

  • It does not include transportation to the place of shipment.