Florentino Ameghino

Dique Ameghino - Rio Chubut

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General Details
We leave Puerto Madryn towards the south-west and walk about 197 km. Until the Dique Florentino Ameghino, Hydroelectric Dam is an important engineering work designed to generate energy and regulate the flow of the Chubut River which originates in the Andes and flows into the Atlantic. On one side of the concrete seawall forming the dam can contemplate the lake is drawn between the red rocks that give an imposing frame at the same, and other, as the rocky headlands form a reddish canyon encasing the river for several kilometers. On the banks of vegetation and the color of the waters of the Chubut River create an appropriate landscape for rest and contemplation of nature in all its glory. The place offers the possibility of different types of activities: The boldest and tasty adventure can make climbing canyons among natural rock walls volcánica-, rafting and trekking. Those who want more quietly enjoy the scenery can hike, photographic safaris and fly fishing (rainbow trout, brown and Creole can be caught but must be returned to the river).
In the valley dam, to the riverside village located approximately 120 where people can enjoy the taste of a typical Patagonian lamb Duration: Full Day Departure Time: 8:00 a.m. Season: All year
  • Tour of almost 200km south west direction along Provincial Route 25.
  • Florentino Ameghino, The visit there Hydroelectric an important piece of engineering created to generate energy and regulate the flow of the Rio Chubut.
  • View of the town of Dolavon, Welsh people.


  • View Egidio Feruglio Paleontological Mueso.
  • You can perform different types of activities both adventure (climbing cañadones, rafting and trekking) as walking, photographic safaris and fly fishing.
Details tour
Season: All year
Departures: Regulars
Duration: 8 a 10 hs approx.
Closing hour: 08:00/09:00 hs
Arrival schedule:
Minimum passenger: 3 adults
Maximum passenger:
Travel: Florentino Ameghino, petrified forest (to confirm)
Observations: The visit to the Petrified Forest Ameghino depends on the number of people that the forest set minimum for admission.
If the visit to Forest Petrified not done the tour was completed with city tour to coordinate (Dolavon, Gaiman or Trelew) with optional Welsh tea in Gaiman or Paleontological Museum in Trelew.
not included:

  • Enter the reserve:
    ARS $ 120 higher – ARS $ 120 under 12 years (since 0109/2015 until 31/12/2015).
  • optional
  • lunch.
  • Personal expenses.

It includes:

  • transfers:
  • It seeks to / passengers where they are staying.
  • guides: Spanish English Portuguese. (Ask for other languages ​​in private service).

recommendations: Comfortable shoes, photographic equipment, extra batteries, sunscreen and hat.