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Puerto Madryn

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We started touring the downtown area of ​​the city, through the Plaza Gral. San Martin, communal buildings, the church and old buildings and then continue moving north towards Domecq García. We pass the Chalet Pujol, Current Provincial Museum Oceanographic and Natural Sciences, it has nine rooms designed to showcase the flora and fauna of the region, in addition to elements of geology, Welsh history, anthropology and oceanographic material provided by the Argentina Navy. We arrived at the Industrial and fishing park where the plant Aluar Aluminio and Muelle Storni. We return to tour the city heading south along the coastal Avenida Roca, we passed through Pier Comandante Luis Piedrabuena, Naval Prefecture Argentina and the Monument to the Welsh Gesta, built to mark the centenary of the founding of our city; continuing by this artery also arrived at the coastal Boulevard Almirante Guillermo Brown the residential area of ​​our city to reach Punta Cuevas: where there are still ruins site of the first Welsh settlement in the area. These caves recognized as a historic site dating from 1865 and they are considered the first homes of Puerto Madryn and one of the oldest in the entire Patagonia. There also is the namesake exhibition center, objects where the settlers are exposed and can know the history of the two cultures: Indigenous - Welsh A few meters we reach the viewpoint where the monument to the Indian Tehuelche, from here we can enjoy a panoramic view of the city, and discover the places where we previously. The tour ends at the Ecocentro: scientific and cultural enterprise dedicated to promoting and disseminating knowledge and protection of the sea. An original proposal that combines science with education and artistic expressions. It has not established routes, but it invites you to enjoy the different spaces, initiative and curiosity of those who visit it still needed. It offers the possibility to enjoy sound ambiences, pictures, sheets and reproductions of animals. Among other things you can discover the characteristics of ocean currents and varieties of algae, know the behavior of whales and observe the differences between seals, sea ​​lions and elephants.
* It includes an hour of waiting for the visit of ecocentro.
Duration: Midday
Closing hour: A coordinate
Season: All year

  • Punta Cuevas: Historic site, Ruins of the first Welsh site.
  • Monument to the Indian Tehuelche and viewpoint, panoramic view of the city and its beaches.
  • Tour Bv. Other. Brown, residential and tourist area of ​​the city.
  • Gesta Galesa Monument built to commemorate the centenary of the founding of the city.
  • Downtown area: Gral. San Martin, communal buildings, Church and old buildings.
  • Chalet Pujol, Current Museum of Man and the Sea.
  • Industrial Park and fisheries where the plant Aluar Aluminio and Muelle Storni.

NOTE: The tour is subject to the opening hours of Ecocentro

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seasons: All year
Departures: Regulars
Duration: Half Day (Midday)
Closing hour: A coordinate.
Arrival schedule:
Minimum passenger:
Maximum passenger:
Travel: Downtown area, Chalet Pujol (Current Museum of Man and the Sea), fishing industrial park where the aluminum plant Aluar and Muelle Storni. Monument to the Welsh, BOWLEBARD tour. Other. Brown, residential and tourist area of ​​the city, Tehuelche Indian monument and lookout, tip caves with optional ecocentro.
not included:

  • lunch.
  • optional.
  • Personal expenses.

It includes:

  • transfers: It seeks to / passengers where they are staying.
  • guides: Spanish English Portuguese. (Ask for other languages ​​in private service)


    ARS $ 100 higher - ARS $ 80 under 12 years.

Observations: The tour is subject to the opening hours Ecocentro. (Every day except Tuesday 13:00hs 19:00hs).
recommendations: Photographic equipment, Extra batteries, warm clothing depending on the weather.