Dark dolphin watching in Puerto Madryn

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General Details
Travel: Departure from Muelle Luis Piedrabuena in Puerto Madryn on the schedule agreed.

Sighted the Piedrabuena dock, We cross the central coast area of ​​Puerto Madryn resorts. Skirted Punta Cuevas (site of the first settlement of Welsh settlers in our region); there we see the Monument to the Indian Tehuelche and Ecocentro Museum from sea. Observing the Patagonian coast sailed to the sunken ship, the Folias, Playa Paraná. Then we go to the Punta Loma (First Protected Area Chubut), one fauna reserve of sea lions and breeding area for seabirds (gaviotines. cormorants, pardelas, gaviotas, etc.). We continue with the search of dusky dolphins in the New Gulf; watching them and returned to Puerto Madryn.

Dusky dolphins

It is the star of our walks through the stunts and jumps. These mammals are approaching vessels allowing our passengers the enjoyment of one of the most beautiful and unforgettable natural spectacles in our area.


The folias was an Argentina flag factory trawler company Perez Companc, Built in 1967 in Vigo Spain. Its dimensions are 71.81 in Length (long) and 11.94m sleeve (width) Y 7.60 timely (height). The ship caught fire at sea the 23 from December to 1980 and it was towed to Puerto Madryn. Prefecture forbidden access to the Storni pier for safety reasons, so the boat went adrift the wind soon run aground on the beach do Paraná. After a heavy storm and ended careened folias sinking less than two hundred meters from the coast. In the shipwreck fortunately there were no victims to mourn. Currently the folias looks pretty run down but maintains its charm despite the time has changed its shape and colors have been changed to rust out taking place, Now is not the coast is conceived without the image that gives us the beach folias in Paraná.

Details tour
Season: December to March

Departure: Boat ride

Duration: 3 a 4 hs approx.

Closing hour: coordinate as weather and tide.

Minimum passenger: 7

Maximum passenger:45

not included:

  • Transfers to the place of shipment

You can bring food. Beverage, Mate.

This nautical ride in the New Gulf suitable for all ages, It has an approximate duration of 2 ½ hours and takes us to meet the Dark Dolphin .

Dusky dolphins are an extremely social species and stand out for their amazing stunts.

These acrobatic whales enter the Gulf from December and remain there during the summer months. The tour leaves in your search with the intention of finding the largest groups.
While the main objective of the tour is the dolphin watching, if the weather and schedule permitting, the tour will also include Punta Loma, which houses a large colony of sea lion hair, Folias shipwreck (Playa Paraná), Punta Este and the two city docks.
The boat used is semi-rigid type (zodiac) and has a guide and photographer on board that will provide service along the promenade. The
Daily departures are from Puerto Madryn between the months of December and April.

The meeting point is on the left side of the pier Luis Piedra good on the agreed schedule.

At 12am output is recommended to bring some snacks and drinks.