Safari El Pedral

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General Details
Travel: It begins at the monument to the Welsh Women as a meeting point. With subsequent fate private stay SAFARI PEDRAL located in Punta Ninfa. First for natural viewpoints, walk with guides. Lunch and then visit the elephant seal colony in the "backyard" of stay.


It leaves in the morning from Puerto Madryn in small groups. It allows spectacular sightings of wildlife and take a real experience of the Atlantic Patagonia through the eyes of the pioneers who settled the area in the last century.
Transfers to and from Puerto Madryn
The Pedral is 70 km of Puerto Madryn and 10 Lighthouse Punta km Ninfas marking the mouth of the gulf New. Almost the entire route is gravel, therefore it must be calculated according to road conditions from Puerto Madryn 1h. We leave at 08h30 every day. Meeting point and back: The Monument to the Welsh Women, located at Avenida Roca 300.

Visit the Lighthouse of Punta Ninfas
just 15 minutes of stay, on top of the cliff at the southern end of the mouth of the Golfo Nuevo, Punta lighthouse is Ninfas. Valuable reference for sailors entering the Golfo Nuevo, also he meets his faithful watcher task of the arrival of the first whales of the Gulf each year, cold days in May. The view from the cliff Lighthouse Punta Ninfas will make you feel privileged, part of a different landscape, magical and amazing

Guided walk between Magellanic penguins
Each year in September, a growing colony of Magellanic penguins sympathetic installed in El Pedral. A guided walk among their nests will enable you to learn more about these curious animals. The Pedral holds a control scheme and beach cleaning, GPS also collaborating with the foundation (Global Penguin Society), that monitors the colony of Magellanic penguins of Punta Ninfas.
Patagonian lunch with drinks and house wine
Early, as we take to meet the reserve, Humberto “our chief roaster” with the help of his assistants, prepare a Patagonian lamb difficult to forget. homemade pies, variety of salads, red house wine and fruit salad are also parts of the menu.
After lunch, while the kids have fun in the pool, on the farm or on the soccer field, you can enjoy the warmth of our house, with a rich tea or coffee accompanied a typical Welsh cake. The way back to Puerto Madryn will give the right time for siesta.

Visit the old town of Estancia
Authentic helmet Patagonian estancia, the house of El Pedral is a museum in itself. It is so attractive for its history and its particular design. Built in the early twentieth century, materials and furniture were brought from Europe by boat and landed on the shores of stay own. inaugurated in 1923, the house preserves the aesthetics and style of those times in their warm environments. The walls with portraits and pictures of old transport us to the past, evoking a glorious era of intrepid entrepreneurs, undisputed pioneers of the development of the Valdes Peninsula.

Details tour
Season: September to April

Departures: adventure

Duration: 6 hs approx

Closing hour: 08:30 hs

Arrival schedule:

Minimum passenger: 2 pax

Maximum passenger:


It includes:

  • lunch + beverage (water or house wine)
  • guides:
    Spanish English Portuguese (Ask for other languages ​​in private service)
  • transfers


Comfortable shoes, warm clothing, photographic equipment, extra batteries, sunscreen and hat.