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General Details
In light vehicles and lanterns, They are discovered life forms only visible at night, on a desert geography altered night in phantasmagoric forms of unique beauty. Shortly after leaving the lights of the city of Puerto Madryn, the clear and starry sky characteristic of this latitude, It may be observed and interpreted with small telescopes from strategic vantage points. Flashlights are provided, telescopes and snack. Duration: 2 hs. Suggested equipment: shelter, comfortable footwear and protection for photography and video equipment.

Observations: In all expeditions 4×4 it includes all teaching materials (sheets, maps, tools, Brushes, piquetas, long view, telescopes etc.). Refreshment (Café, mate, has, Water, chocolate etc.). The guides interpreters in languages: Spanish, English and Italian.

  • Afternoon departure last minute or schedule to be agreed.
  • Mini-City tour by the south of Puerto Madryn.
  • Top activity 4 x 4
  • Medanos tour and circuitoscosteros.
  • Contemplation of sunset from different points Panoramic
  • Refreshment.
  • Interpretation of terrestrial flora and fauna.
  • Stop at the coast and Interpretation of intertidal areas
  • Walks in search of nocturnal wildlife.
  • Contemplation of the southern skies with special telescopes.
  • Stop on the coast and Dinner.
  • Return to Puerto Madryn at midnight 4 x 4.
Details tour
Departures: adventure
Duration: 3 hs approx.
Closing hour: A coordinate.
Arrival schedule: Midnight.
Minimum passenger: 2 pax
Maximum passenger: 21 pax.
Travel: Mini city tour of the city of Puerto Madryn, start of the activity in 4×4. Tour dunes and coastal circuits, contemplation of the sunset from different points Panoramic, stop on the coast for different activities. Return to Pto. Madryn.
not included:
It includes:

  • guides: Spanish / English / Italian (Ask for other languages ​​in private service)
  • Transfers in Special ATVs
  • Didactic material for activities
  • Refreshment

Teaching materials (sheets, maps, tools, Brushes, piquetas, long view, telescopes, etc.)
Refreshment (Café, mate, has, Water, chocolate, etc.)
Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, Comfortable shoes, protective equipment and film photographers